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The author is formed for UERJ (University of the state of the Rio of Janeiro), postgraduate in education, investigator, university teacher, specialist in methodology of the teaching, licensed in philosophy of the education, education and education of young persons and adults.

Besides, MBA attended in business management for FUNCEFET (Rio de Janeiro / region of the lakes); it attended post graduation in administration and projection of the education (UERJ/RJ); it acted like administrative director of the KGB leases and entertainments; it participated of several academic inquiries centered in pedagogic philosophical problems, with renowned teachers, like Pablo Amadeo Gentili (UERJ/clacso), Carla Imenes (UERJ), Cristiane hisses Albuquerque (UERJ), between many people others.

From 1999 to 2008, acted like teacher of superior teaching in the superior institute of education of the UCAM (university Candido Mendes), in the university fields of Niterói, new Friburgo, Araruama, river of January, Teresópolis, river of the oysters, fields of the Goytacazes, Paving stone of the Muriaé and Quiçama.

In this ethnocentric universe, through parallel inquiries to the teaching activity, it revealed significant education problems as to the policies of teachers' formation, so much in the capital how much in the interior of the state of the river of January, developing significant axioms in the pedagogic universe.

It wrote works as ?the charity of the education and the education of the charity?; ?methodology was participating?; ?bases epistemological of Aristotle?, etc.

It wrote the next books:

1 - Pedagogy of the mediocrity;

2 - Catastrophe in the school: the allowed rights negation;

3 - Ways of the humanization and of the intellectual autonomy;

4 - To learn to learn;

5 - Secrets of the overcoming;

6 - Secrets of the prosperity;

7 - The complexity of the obvious one;

8 - Chip of the ignorance;

9 - To love if it learns loving;

10 - Philosophical theory of the god's existence;

11 - Prague of (a) unloved (a);

12 - Pearls of Nietzsche;

13 - Wise, prosperous and happy;

14 - Emancipated and Mediocre in the love.

And also very others books.??????????????????????

At present, one dedicates to the university teaching, to the inquiries in education, to the conversations and to the production of works in more several fields and areas of the knowledge.


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