Chapter 03

Fire must burn!
The fire of the Holy Spirit must burn in our lives, we are cold by religiosity, we are cold for lack of God, see our services, people come and go and nothing happens, because God was not there, the presence of God did not come, and because did not come
He did not come because we are not worthy of him, and we must correct our lives, we must ask for forgiveness and weep until he moves us from our weakness, until the Lord forgives us of our impurity.
We need to be more locked in our rooms, we need to review our lives, we need to sweep the house and take the dirt out of our hearts, let God work.

The fire must burn, we can not go to the services as we have gone, after seeing such mundane and carnal things and simply thinking that God is there waiting for us, and when we enter the church his presence will act, not my beloved ones in Christ, a worship begins in our homes, God wants to attend our homes, our families.