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Conto de fadas em cuatro idiomas. Conto de Avò,neta,  flores,estaçòes.

Claudia Calisti(1951)was born in Rome (Italy). When she was two, her parents moved to Poggio Mirteto, a little town in Sabina(Lazio)but when she was ten,as she use to say, was exported again in Rome.Here she lives at moment, after a whole life spent travelling and studying languages, people and a lot of art expressions.Her first book was written in her childhood: she was a clever schoolgirl especially in Italian language.She won a Primary School Prize for the best fiction composition. At the age of eighteen she had a Foreign Languages Correspondent Diploma, and six years later , she had a Theatre and Movies Degree Certificate.Nevertheless,as life was very hard to her,for twenty years she worked as a simple clerk in a little boring Office.
Finally when she reached the age of fifty, she decided to change her life and make happen her old dream to be a woman writer .
She started with pick up all the stories she wrote and kept in a drawer. She organised all that could be good to make a book and so was born her first work: "Flor de vidrio". After this first book, followed "Specchio delle mie trame"."Benvenuti a bordo" and many others.
At moment she is hoping to be read the more possible with the basic help of
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