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When we run before all the facts are described thathave been recorded and addressed in the Bible referring to the prophet Joel, wenoted that the identification of this character is also involved in aconsiderable and enigmatic mystery! Thismystery is characterized by difficulties, mainly to establish its true identitywith details of their biographical data; why is it that makes it difficult forhistorians and researchers to establish the exact period in which the prophetJoel lived. Despite these difficulties this character had a significantparticipation in the biblical scenario through its prophetic predictions. Evenin the face of these difficulties we can not deny that are notorious prophecyof Joel about the end times that marked exceedingly special occasions such asthe day of Pentecost! When theHoly Spirit descended in fiery form among Christ's disciples with a significantnumber of people who were gathered praying fervently in communion it was suchthat from that moment became fearless and dedicated apostles willing to takethe message Gospel to the whole world!

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