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It is a unique privilege to continue with our modestcontribution participating more this research, whose main source is the Bible,in which we seek the texts concerning this subject and did a filling with ourcomments and considerations about life, achievements and the works of Paul,this is considered the great apostle of Christ. So imbuedmore this task would first like to thank our wonderful God for giving us thisprecious opportunity that we are offered which is to present this work assomething more than produced in the form of subsidies in the midst of so manywritings on this theme surrounding this famous character. We hopethat this work will be of some value and serve for those readers andresearchers who would like to receive more information and considerations fromanother angle expressing a more different view of looking at the biblicalhistoriography; that can add to their knowledge and meet interest or goal insearch of these sure what elements will help you compose or extend thelearnings that are part of the students wishes and all those interested in thestudy and research on the fascinating biblical themes!

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