Yoma's dream

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Imagination, fantasy and language are integral partsof human beings. Through imagination, we are able to touch our deepest feelingsand yearnings, and get to know ourselves and others better. Fantasy allow us totravel in time and space and explore distant worlds. Their dwellers and theirrichness of possibilities. Through language, we can express our identities,desires, and expectations. It is through language, verbal and non-verbal, thatwe are enabled to connect with our neighbours and learn more about who theyare. Joao Gama combines these three elements brilliantly inYoma�dream. He invites the reader to join him on a journey to anotherdimension where everything is possible. By merging scientific principles withcreative storytelling, João will take you by the hand and introduce you to aworld of harmony, mutual understanding, and peace.Yoma�s dream taps into the dormant child in everyteenage and adult with the simple request: Open your mind. Open your mind to aworld of possibilities. Open your mind to see beyond materiality. Open yourmind to the mysterious universe that is inside you.

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