Revista Portuguesa de Marketing, Vol. 18, Nº 35

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This issue of Portuguese Marketing Journal is composed of five articles dealing with a wide range of topics dealing with marketing research in B2C and B2B contexts, covering product-centred and service-centre businesses and seeking insights from different industries. All articles have undergone a rigorous double-blind review process. Articles published in this issue:. Experiência em eventos turísticos: uma abordagem global à experiência de consumo.Cátia Mendes de Jesus; Helena Alves. The consequences of poor staff performance and poor selling traits on consumer behaviour.Adrienne Steffen; Peter Atorough. Fatores que levam os alunos de uma universidade brasileira a realizarem compras por impulso em lojas virtuais.Paola de Oliveira Rios; Danilo de Oliveira Sampaio; Gilmar José dos Santos; José Humberto Viana Lima Júnior; Rodrigo Ribeiro Coimbra. Communication determinants in the insurance industry.Anabela Marcos; Arnaldo Coelho. Marketing capabilities in exporting companies.Margarida Vicente; Cláudia Seabra; Maria José Antunes**********************We hope that you, the Reader, continues to find the material presented in our journal useful, original and compelling.Portuguese Marketing Journal is an international journal, the first scientific marketing journal in Portugal.Born in 1995, with 35 issues, is published twice a year on a regular basis, plus special editions on key trendy themes in marketing and consumer behavior research.Indexed and Abstracted in:ProQuest | EBSCO | Latindex.ISSN:

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