English (PLUS) Professional Language User Solutions - BOOK #2 - THE SEVEN POWERS OF SILENCE IN BUSINESS

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It is wise to understand the role and usage of"silence" in the business world. It is comprised of sevenunique powers that can help you achieve business success. The secret,however, is to know how and when to use these powers in order to accomplishyour goals and objectives.It is curious to observe that most people areuncomfortable with silence, and find it especially difficult to use and putinto business practice. Since we live in a world of noises and constantaudible distractions, the idea of silence almost seems non-existent. Think about this for a second.When are you actually aware ofsilence For example, maybe you notice it at night when you are sleeping,when you are alone somewhere outside during a vacation out in the countryside,or when you are reading a book in a quiet library. Nevertheless,something can always interrupt the silence in the three previous examples; forinstance, the sound of your neighbor's voice, a dog barking at night, or thesound of a book falling on a table.Discover the SEVEN POWER OF SILENCE that can be used in business.

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