Brasileiros Atacados por Microondas_atualizado_11_9_2009

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Direct Free Speech: brain hacked by Artificial IntelligenceA chegada das plantas antimicroondas, ano 2030.Estamos prevendo, para 2030, a chegada das plantasarquitetônicas antimicroondas, um reflexo do DiretoDiscurso Livre na arquitetura.Os Modernistas testaram todas as formas de discurso,só não encontraram o DIRETO DISCURSO LIVRE, porquenaquela época as pessoas não tinham o cérebro hackeado por microondas.Escrevi um Romance Histórico de Medicina, BrasileirosAtacados por Microondas, onde faço referênciaaos Biochips. O romance histórico foi escrito em umanova forma de discurso, o Direto Discurso livre, traduzindopara o inglês, DIRECT FREE SPEECH, o qual ainda aguardapor ser reconhecio pelas enciclopédias, porque nãoé nem discurso INDIRETO LIVRE e nem Direto, se aproximandodo discurso Direto Livre, em iglês, FREE DIRECT SPEECH, raramenteusado, a wikipedia nem lista, e que contudo foi utilizado comoferramente por James Joyce, em alguns techos de seus romances.. Estenovo tipo de discurso,o Direto Discurso Livre, " DIRECT FREE SPEECH", permite ao escritor, pintor, escultor, músico, encenar em perpétuare-escritura e ancorar-se o suficiente em meio a tormenta da tortura por microondas.portanto, no livro, espero poder fazer novasreferências históricas à medicina Quem quiser ler oe-livro de distribuição gratuita, o url é: I am under severe microwave attack. Just now I am wearing ananti-microwave helmet. A satilite artificial intelligence systemreaches a biochip illegally implanted in my second inferior molar toothand tampers with my Brain. It is impossible for me to write in FREEINDEIRECT SPEECH OR DIRECT SPEECH , and though I could write in FREEDIRECT SPEECH, the supercomputer which isattacking my Brain superimposes my Brain frequencies creating alwaystwo people talking at the same time, forcing me to write the speech ocharacters bound toguether in the same line, which is why I had tocreate a new form of Discorse, The Direct Free Speech, a new kind ofSpeech which may help people under microwave attack, becauseponctuation is richer and fluctuating and the does not need chapters orparagraphs, once a hacked brain cannot finish any books, remaing inperpetual re-writing. I wrote the book under the request of civilpolice and gendarme police officers which told me that they could notjail the guys which are spreading the biochips ( small cell telephonesthree centimeters in size ) which are being illegally implanted in thepopulation to defraud elections, football matches and insurancefirms,because the criminals spreading the biochips have satelites andspace technology and are far above common policemen, as a result ofthat technologica abuse, inmates in prison are being forced to tradedrugs in behalf of federal police, the inmantes wake up in their cellsbiochip and are guieded throught satelite microve signals direct intheir brains to commit crimes in behalf of Federals. This new threat tohuman kind will only stop when newantimicrowave architetonical plants arrive by the year 2030, protectingpeople from having their Brains being hacked by Maser Microwave beamsactivated by Artificial Intelligence. Our narrative are real facts inNovel format, a Medicine Historical Novel. It is for free distribution.A reviewer called me prophet. I am not prophet, I am a victim ofmicrowave attack. I live wearing a 22 Lbs Helmet. I am not writing forfun, I am writing because people are being killed with MicrowaveRadiation which causes Car Crashes in Spain and in all countries in theworld in which microwave implants are being hidden in people's bodiesby criminal dentists and criminal physicians. This is not fiction, itis a fact, the biography can be found at:Modern BielectricityInducing audio in the brain with e-m waves, DoD cover-up, E-M wave ESB. Remote EEGs.Magnetic Stimulation in Clinical Neuropsysiology by Sudhansu ChokrovertyMagneto-Phosphenes. Images direct to the visual cortex.The Mind of Man by Nigel CalderU.S. Intelligence brain researchNeuroelectric Society Conference - 1971Audio direct to the brain with e-m waves, two waf remote EEG.Brain Control by Elliot S. ValensteinESB control of individualsTowards Century 21 by C.S. Walliap. 21. Brain Stimulation for direct to brain communication.Mind Wars by Ron McRae, associate of Jack Andersonp 62/106/136. Research into brain-to-brain electronic communications, remote neural e-m detection.Mind Tools by Rudy RuckerBrain tapping, communication with varying biomagnetic fields. p. 82U.S. News and World Report 1/2/84p. 88. e-m wave brain stimulation. Intelligence community high tech.Ear Magazine article on extremely low frequency radio emissions in the natural environment, radio emissions from the human body.City Paper article on FCC and NSA "complete radio spectrum" listening posts. 1/17/92.Frontiers in Science - 1958 - by Edward Hutchings, Jr.p. 48Beyond Biofeedback - 1977 - by Elmer and Alyce Greenp. 118The Body Quantum by Fred Alan WolfCloning - A Biologist Reports by Robert Gilmore McKinnellEthical review of cloning humans.Hoover's FBI by former agent William Turnerp. 280. Routines of electronic surveillance work.July 20, 2019 by Arthur C. ClarkeLida, Neurophonics, Brain/Computer LinkMegaBrain by Michael Hutchisonp. 107/108/117/120/123. Brain stimulation with e-m waves. CIA research and information control.The Cult of Information by Theodore Rosnak - 1986NSA Directive #145. Personal Files in Computers. Computer automated telephone tappingThe Body Shop1968 implantation of an electrode array on the visual cortex for videodirect to the brain and other 1960s research into electronicallytriggering phosphenes in the brain, thus bypassing the eyes.Evoked Potentials by David ReganALERTA! AS PESSOAS PROCURAM A POL?CIA CIVIL PARA REGISTRAR QUE EST?O BIOCHIPADAS E OS POLICIAISSEQUER SAMBEM QUE OS BIOCHIPS EXISTEM. ALERTA! AS PESSOAS PROCURAM OS POSTOS DE SA?DE COMSINTOMAS DE NEUROINTOXICA??O POR MICROONDAS E OS M?DICOS E M?DICAS IGNORANTES DO INSSDIZEM N?O SABER DO QUE SE TRATA. ABAIXO SEGUEM OS LIVROS QUE PROVAM QUE A TELEPATIA POR MICRONDASJ? EXISTE, ? UMA TECNOLOGIA QUE EST? SENDO USADA DE MODO CRESCENTE AT? PARA FRAUDAR ELEI??ESIINTEIRAS NO BRASIL.

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