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This is an adventure of four main characters, which one day will make a spring trip to one of the places in the Serra do Geres. A young couple and a pair of Golden Retriever. Ironically, these two little animals decided to "flee" to an existing post on this mountain range, Minas de Carris. And here begins the adventure ... This young couple, they find a different environment in these mines, are surprised by their pet talk, they make known that they are guardians of a land called Salamonde and are on a mission to gather all stones related referring to elements of the Earth, protecting their queen (Greb) and find the Phoenix.Once discovered these secrets the Nara and Peter, have no other choice but to follow the adventure with their dogs. But these have been long away from her Earth (Salamonde) and have the same access to (Mine Rail) is deserted ... Something bad happened! The only solution is to cross the bridge and Misarela legend is reborn here:

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