Feelings taht move us

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Feelings that move us! Since the beginning of time we are moved byfeelings, some good and others not so much, but always accompanied us,regardless of our will in many times. The first did not know how to control theirfeelings was Cain, who committed the first murder in the history of mankind,and made out of anger, because he had envied his brother Abel feeling that thiswas preferred by God. Since the beginning of everything we are guidedby our feelings, we are compelled to make decisions based on each of them, andwhenever we have to make decisions based on feelings poorly controlled theybring us harm. You must understand that there is no magicformula, there are no shortcuts, that we learn to control our feelings butthere is a constant effort and every day, where we cannot relax for a second,where the vigil is permanent, no exceptions. The intention of this book is to make youunderstand that your mental body and therefore should be under its control, thatthe last word will always be yours, it is you who must control their feelings,and not vice versa. If you can understand and follow the messageswritten here surely will improve day by day, but it will not happen overnight,anyway as I said is a daily exercise, without end, where you face a dailybattle without knowing when will win the war. This is even true function of this book help youovercome each of these battles and prepare it for one day finally wins the war. I am not and never will have the key to paradiseor the total solution to the end of their problems, and I say this without anyfear, because as we are different from each other, each has earned it paradise,and hell they chose, nobody has the key of paradise alien or the address ofanother person's hell, and who says he has lying. Each of us has his own heaven and hell, becausesouls are individual and unique, and so are also the only places where wedecided to go, because feelings can even have the same name for everyone, butit has the same result and nor are sensed in the same way. I try with this book show that control ourfeelings when we know the problems diminish, decisions become easier to betaken, that our day is lighter, our work more fun, and people easier tounderstand.Knowing control our feelings is vital for us tobe happier in our marriage, in our relationships with our children, in ourwork, in our direct relationship with our interior and especially with God (forthose who believe that He exists). If companies mostly concern themselves more tounderstand the feelings of their employees, much less resign because theyunderstand that often does not have an official incompetent, but a human beingwho cannot control their feelings, but that with the help and some minor adjustmentsmay prove one of the best people who have gone through this land.Judge without knowing it's easy to condemnwithout dangerous effort to understand the catastrophic result of thiscombination, after being judge, jury and executioner is not for anyone, sincewe are so flawed or more than what we assume to be wrong.You have to understand that my mission is totake you to the door and show him the two paths you can follow, but open thedoor and choose which will go solely to you, and do not be fooled into thinkingthat there are more than two paths why not exist, everything is quite explicitin our lives, sometimes we do not insist on seeing, but is there for all tosee: Black or White, Light or Darkness, Right or Wrong, Positive or Negative,Heaven or Hell . Where there are two choices, all others werecreated by us and are only two main variants. Control feelings allows us to understand and seethat there are other options, everything is on the two main, and if we thinkthat there is other because we are trying to deceive us and escape, will nothave to make decisions that do not want or do not believe that be prepared. Be the Lord Himself, do not let your badfeelings control your life, do not allow your body to pay for a feeling out ofcontrol, do not let your lack of understanding about the feelings that feel thelight to reach the places that not realize that was where I would be,especially the bigger problem is sometimes not reach the wrong destination, butthe mistakes we made along the way and people hurt in order to get there.

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