Season of Revenge

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North Africa, 1942Some men set a devilish ploy into motion.Others take the bait. And the most obscure events in World War II are justbeginning.THE ONSET: A sinister Arab militia commits a wave ofcruel murders.THE MYSTERY: From Berlin came their weapons,instructions…and a reward.THE REACTION: A team of American, British and Frenchcommandos is sent to hunt them down – if they first survive the Sahara desert.THE CONSPIRACY: The German resistance and a secretorganization in Palestine unite to set the world of espionage ablaze – anduncover the deadliest of all Nazi spies who’s behind the militia.THE OUTCOME: Blood-thirsty men and fearless women arecaught in a storm of violence, fanaticism, and corruption that will change thefate of the Middle East…and sow the seeds of today’s living nightmare.

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