Taxation in Zimbabwe

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Taxationis a subject that is feared by many students, but in actual fact, this is byfar the simplest subject. This book is accordingly written in such a way so asto make a student who is a user of this book to prepare his or her examinationwith very minimal effort. This however should not be taken to mean that astudent should not read at all. Remember reading is and will always be theessential ingredient that will make a student to pass! Thisbook is accordingly suitable for practising members and students preparing forthe professional examinations such as the Institute of Certified TaxAccountants (ICTA), Institute of Forensic Auditors (IFA) Institute ofAdministration and Commerce (I.A.C), Chartered Institute of Secretaries andAdministrators (C.I.S), Southern Africa Association of Accountants (SAAA), HNDCourses, Degree Courses and to anyone who is interested in the study of tax.The manual is written based on the tax legislation that is applicable in Zimbabwe.

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