SHIGMO. Playing with fire

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Shigmo - Tribal festival known in the rest of the country- ?ndia, as Holi, the festival o f Colours.The places, customsand traditions, as well as the historical aspects, are very real. However, theplot and characters are pure fiction. To emphasize the fact that somewhere insouthwestern India, in one particular corner, there is a huge house, 'hidden'in a lush forest, reminiscent of the heart of the Amazon. There is no shortage peacocks, squirrels and otheranimals walking freely in that place 'magic'! Even today, I can seeand feel the environment, from the old well, with ably mossy nature to the biglavish greem trees. I lookonce more into the well and on the A drop of dew, 'forgotten' in the leaves ofthe Areca at the well, falls at the point where I had just fixed my gaze. Inthe swirl surface recognized my own features distorted... However, votes from anexciting reading on this cultural adventure.

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