Once Upon A Time: Lynn Margulis. (FULL COLOR EDITION)

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«The story of science, a continuous joint narrative, is never the personal tale of any scientist» writes Lynn Margulis (1938-2011) at the end of the prologue to her book Luminous Fish: Tales of Science and Love, originally published in Spanish (Peces luminosos: Historias de amor y ciencia) by Tusquets Editores in 2002. (English edition 2007 Chelsea Green Pub. Co.).Sometimes, milestones in the history and development of science appear linked to more than one scientist. They are the product of the wit and personal work of people that usually incorporate ideas and discoveries that others have previously achieved. Science is the result of a cooperative task of building and modifying ideas, as well as leaving doors open to new ideas that will make science move forward. Lynn Margulis followed that path and left us a huge scientific production, her ideas and her commitment to what she believed and defended.

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