Os Valores da Pessoa Humana e os Horizontes da Cidadania

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The present thesis with the heading Os horizontes da cidadania e os valores dapessoa (Horizons of thecitizenship and the values of the person), attempts to clarify the relationbetween being citizen and being person in a global world characterized for vastmutations and deep changes not only in the material culture but also in thespiritual culture, passing through society and by the man in its diverse formsof existence and expression. One cannot understand the urgency of the citizen’scurrent condition without questioning the obscure side of citizenship that hasto do with values’ crisis and the anomie of citizenship institutions. Aperson’s existence exceeds and integrates the simply instrumental reducerstandard of the citizen. The citizen’s significant experience as a person isthe decisive point of this study, whose fundamental conclusion shows that isthe injustice situations’ intolerable and scandalous character that obliges tothe consideration of the man as an end in itself and not simply as a powerrelations’ object.

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