About the infinity of golden constants

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The first golden constant, has been applied indiverse situations in art, architecture and music, and although some haveclaimed that it represents a basic aesthetic proportion, others have arguedthat it is only one of a large number of such ratios. We also speculate on theneurophysiological basis behind the sense that the golden mean is a pleasantproportion. About the arithmetic of presented element, applying and findparadoxical properties in immovable state total or partial in constantparadoxical calls. Ie, with intrinsic effects where the resulting term isestablished. The principle of its results is innate and related to itsproportional operation. Here, we present their properties and apply them to asimple square with identical proportions to its base. This is done not only bythe reason that exposes the paradoxes, but we are certain that there is much totalk about this principle. Much beyond the divided measure on the extremereason, but much more beyond the inverse value of these ordered segments. Forexample, Where we divided pi by 2,3416277... About Trigonometric, in summary, the canonicalsection defined as theintersection of the regular circular conical surface and the plane which passesthrough the two halves of the cone, it is a curve paradoxically defined in Cartesian plane.

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