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The grammar of English grammars

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  • Autor: Goold Brown
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BROWN, Goold, grammarian, born in Providence, Rhode Island, 7 March, 1791; died in Lynn, Massachusetts, 31 March, 1857. He was descended from some of the earliest Quaker settlers of New England, and was educated in the schools and academies of his native state. At nineteen he began to teach a district school in Rhode Island, then a Friends' boarding school in Dutchess County, New York, in 1811.

With forms of correcting and of parsing, improprieties for correction, examples for parsing, questions for examination, exercises for writing, observations for the advanced student, decisions and proofs for the settlement of disputed points, occasional strictures and defenses, an exhibition of the several methods of analysis, and a key to the oral exercises.
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