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Isabel and Her Magic Land

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  • Autor: Begoña True
  • Estado: Público
  • Nº de páginas: 35
  • Tamanho: 229x178
  • Miolo: Cor
  • Paginação: Agrafado
  • Acabamento da capa: Mate
  • ISBN eBook em PDF: 978-989-20-4774-4
  • Livros vendidos: 1
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Isabel and her Magic Land" is a beautiful and inspiring story for all ages. It is a story about creativity and imagination, about magic, about our own ability to make real our dreams.

One day I asked myself: what would I create for myself to enjoy life on Earth? I would create my own Paradise, I thought. What does Paradise look to me?, was my second thought. A beautiful piece of land with rivers, lakes and all sorts of animals, I answered myself. And friends, I also thought, to share beautiful experiences with. And I made a couple of tiny drawings.

Some time later I wrote down some of the experiences I would like to enjoy, and so, "Isabel and her Magic Land" was coming to life, because many of the experiences I would like to enjoy are indeed magical, and many others are just about enjoying the true beauty of life.

Then I began creating the illustrations for my book and let my imagintation run wild. I saw that there were more stories within them, though I didn´t write them down. They are there to discover, to take me into a magical journey each time different.

When I look at them I see them coming to life, I hear their jokes, I feel their love; they accompany me during my day and life becomes magical and fun.

This is what I teach, by the way. I teach to connect to that beautiful and quite space of the heart, where anything can be, where imagination is free.

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