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Globalization and its Impacts on the Portuguese Society

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  • Autor: João Miguel Cotrim
  • Estado: Público
  • Nº de páginas: 104
  • Tamanho: 216x279
  • Miolo: Preto e branco
  • Paginação: Colado
  • Acabamento da capa: Brilho
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This piece of work was object of thought, study, investigation, research and subsequently publication as an attempt to show and give a complete glance over a huge effort, investigation and theorization made in Portugal by a vast number of respected and accredited Portuguese researchers and authors over the issue of globalisation and its impacts in the Portuguese society. Thus, it comprises the international and global context in which Portugal is inserted, as well as, many aspects of the Portuguese society – its economy, poverty, welfare, social policies, employment/unemployment, colonial policy, labour market, migratory movements, European integration, local power, ethnical and national identities. As the elaboration of the essay will show, when broaching and analysing such accounts, the mentioning, analysis and criticism of other crucial accounts – namely, the main views and theories from foreign investigators and authors – was also not forgotten.

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