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Treatment of Lumbar Disk Herniation

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  • Autor: Edgar Ortega M.
  • Estado: Público
  • Nº de páginas: 43
  • Tamanho: 216x279
  • Miolo: Preto e branco
  • Paginação: Agrafado
  • Acabamento da capa: Brilho
  • ISBN Acabamento em capa mole: 978-1-312-57243-0
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This manual is intended for all persons who have any type of disc herniation. Pain relief is one of the most important for those who suffer from a spinal injury issues. 

Improve the quality of life undoubtedly implies total pain relief, all patients with herniated discs have a right to live without pain and enjoy a full life in which human rights are respected, as it is kind of damage is considered in all areas as a physical disability. 

The manual contains an invaluable collection of spinal decompression techniques (the largest treatment for herniated discs). 

Also you will find alternative methods of pain relief using analgesics, how to reduce the use of analgesics, reducing inflammation with how simple exercises and more ...
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